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Get Pre-Approved

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan let’s you know how much a lender is willing to loan you for your home or property purchase. It also empowers you as a buyer by showing sellers you’re serious and ready to buy and they in turn will take any offer or negotiation from you seriously.

Most sellers will not accept any offers or negotiations from buyers who have not been pre-approved.

So if your serious and are ready to buy a home or property, get pre-approved before you even start your search!

Below is a list of mortgage and loan services that we work closely with and can assist you in getting pre-approved. Need help choosing the mortgage and loan service that is right for you?…Let us help! Give us a call and speak to one of our highly qualified agents to discuss your needs in detail.

Residential Lending

United Bank

Bryan Chandler
V P Mortgage Loan Originator
Tel: 251-965-5315 | Cell: 251-979-2521

Navy Federal Credit Union

Jill Youngblood
Tel: 877-573-2324 ext: 79269 | Cell: 850-382-4257
eMail: Jill_Youngblood@NavyFederal.Org

Harvester’s Federal Credit Union

Nancy Connelly
Tel: 850-995-5102

Fairway Mortgage

Benita Glenn
Tel: 850-232-5578

CornerStone Mortgage Solutions, LLC

David Dickson
Tel: 850-221-9174

Flagstar Mortgage

Carole Dukote
Tel: 904-838-3696

Fairway Mortgage

Deb Herrel
Tel: 850-982-4922

Pen Air Federal Credit Union

Shaun Schiewe
Tel: 850-505-3200 ext. 8364

Regions Bank

Daria Allen
Tel: 850-444-1166 | Cell: 850-206-7422

Land Loans

Harvester’s Federal Credit Union

Diana Blanchard
Tel: 850-255-3215

Synovis Mortgage

Shellie Isakson
Tel: 850-232-3224

Gulf Winds Credit Union

Cristy Nash
Tel: 850-479-9601 ext. 473

Commercial Lenders

United Bank

Jerry Burden
Tel: 850-858-1200

Centennial Mortgage

Sean Magerkorth
Tel: 850-936-1984

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What's Your Home Worth?

Let us provide you a Free Market Analysis of the estimated value of your home in today's market in your demographic area. learn more

Get Pre-Approved

Show sellers you are serious & ready to buy! Getting pre-approved increases your negotiating power with sellers. learn more

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